What is Entomology and Its Related Fields

What is entomology?

Simply put, entomology is a branch of science which deals with everything about insects and other related arthropods.  Entomology comes from the Latin words entomon, which means insect and logos that means study.  While Entomology is the study of insects, the persons who study insects are called entomologists.

Just like other body of knowledge, entomology is a very broad topic to talk about.  So entomologists have their own field of specialization depending on what particular aspect of entomology they are working on.

After discussing the question ‘what is entomology’, let’s now enumerate and summarize some of the common and most important specialized field under entomology.

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Branches of Entomology

Insect Ecology

Insect ecology is the study of insects and their relationship to their environment. The focus of this field is to study and analyze the effect of the presence of insects to an ecosystem. Insect ecology promotes insect conservation rather than eradication.

Insect Morphology

Generally speaking, morphology is the study of structures and body parts function of an organism. Hence, insect morphology is the study of insect’s body parts and functions. This field studies more on external features of an insect.

Insect Pathology

Just like any other animals on earth, insects also get sick. These sicknesses are often times caused by a disease agent. Insect pathology is a branch of entomology which deals with the diseases that affects insects. Scientists now a day utilize disease agents to get rid of certain pests in agriculture.

Insect Physiology

This field of entomology focuses on various functional and behavioral systems inside an insect’s body. So when we talk about why insects behave on a certain manner, insect physiology will reveal the clue.

Insect Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the study and practice of naming and classifying organisms. So, insect taxonomy is the theory and practice of insect classification.

Insect Toxicology

Insect toxicology studies how insecticides and other chemicals affects insect physiological functions. This field of entomology plays a very import role in pest management as far as crop production and agriculture is concerned.

Industrial Entomology

Honey, silk, and shellac are just few examples of products derived from insects. When this insects are bred and cultured for the purpose of mass production of insects bi-products, that’s where industrial entomology step in. industrial entomology is the branch of insect science which deals with the study and rearing of beneficial insects such as honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies and silkworm for the benefits of man. It also deals with the extermination of household pests such as termites, cockroaches, houseflies, and many others.

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Insects can definitely cause harm to both humans and animals. Medical and veterinary entomology deals with everything about of medical or public health and veterinary importance. Topics such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya disease and many others are common concerns of this field.

Crop Protection Entomology

Crop protection entomology is the study and practice of eradication and control of insect pests that damage man and his possessions.  This is also called agricultural entomology.

Biological Control

Biological control is the study and practice of introducing living organisms to control insect pests.

Postharvest Entomology

Post-harvest entomology deals with the study and practice of controlling insect pests in stored commodities.

Forensic Entomology

Don’t you know that heinous crimes could be solved using our knowledge of insects? Forensic entomology focuses on the use of insects to determine time, place of human death for legal purposes.

What is entomology? This is the study of everything that relates with insects. As the list above explained, entomology is a very interesting and diverse field of study. This website tells you more about the fascinating world of our six legged friends, the insects!

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