Did You Know This? – The Most Interesting Insect Facts

There are millions of facts that you can read to learn about insects. Listed below are just a few random facts that show how interesting and varied insects are and how little we know about them. Read on to gain some knowledge about little known facts of Insects.

  • Insect species in all of the world is believed to be about ten million different kinds of insects
  • Insect bodies are known to have three segmented bodies connected.
  • Insects have typically have at least one pair of antennas
  • Insects have at the very least three pairs of legs
  • Some insects are able to walk on water, due to their mobility speed and weight
  • Many types of insects such as bees and ants live in extremely organized colonies
  • Only the male gender of crickets have the ability to chirp
  • Insects are all only cold-blooded
  • Silkworms, true to their name, produce the soft silk seen in luxury clothing
  • Almost all insects hatch from an egg
  • Certain types of cicadas have uncanny high pitches of sound.
  • The life cycle of a mosquito goes through four unique stages to become an adult
  • mosquitoes only drink blood in order to gain sufficient nutrition to lay offspring
  • Spiders are not insects
  • Bees are found on every single continent except for Antarctica
  • Ants leave trails and often communicate using chemical signals. These are used primarily to warn of predators or to make known of food that needs carrying.
  • Monarch caterpillars may shed their skin up four times before they grow more than 1000x their original size.
  • There may be as many as 3,000 different kinds of insects. This figure is more than all animal types combined

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