How to get rid of Palmetto Bugs

Any time we see a bug of any kind, including palmetto bugs, the entire family gets upset and wants the writer to get rid of them as quickly as possible. One is not too bad to deal with; however there really is never only one since they like to live together in colonies. There are several ways to deal with these bugs and we have learned how to get rid of palmetto bugs both naturally as well as the simpler solution of just calling the professionals.

What are Palmetto Bugs

The Palmetto bug name is used to refer to cockroaches in the southern United States. Consumers will often refer to any cockroach as a palmetto bug as well as others that are not actually cockroaches. They have a dark brown color, while their prothorax is a creamed color. This is commonly referred to as the American cockroach. There are also smoky brown coloured cockroaches that are a bit larger. They sometimes have a dark mahogany color and can be up to 1.6 inches long.

How to get rid of palmetto bugs?

Where do Palmetto Bugs They Like to Live

Palmetto bugs or cockroaches like dark damp locations. If they are outside they can be found in wood piles, sewers and in mulch piles. They also like to live inside homes and look for the same conditions. Under sinks in a dark cupboard is a favorite place. We have seen them hide behind pictures hanging on the wall. While this space is not damp, they are protected from the light and they will stay there until the night time when they begin foraging. They will also crawl along pipes of all kinds between apartments and town homes. Dealing with an infestation of palmetto bugs that live in the walls between units is particularly difficult.

How to get rid of Palmetto Bugs Naturally

The bottom line is to remove all food sources and clean up any damp areas that they might find hospitable. Keep your home very clean and remove all food sources by sealing them or placing them in the freezer including pet food. Here’s a list of potential steps that home owners can take to deal with a palmetto bug infestation.

  • Plug all possible entrances into your home using caulking, fine grain wire mesh or even steel wool.
  • Remove all cardboard boxes. They like the interior of the boxes to reproduce and hide during the day.
  • Eliminate all food sources and standing water. Don’t leave dirty dishes out at night, pet food on the floor or any other food source that will attract the palmetto bugs.
  • Trash cans should have tight fitting lids
  • Fix all leaky faucets
  • Store all pet food in tightly sealed plastic bags
  • Keep your home super clean and vacuum your home regularly to prevent small particles of food on the floor providing a source of food.
  • Use boric acid to deal with the bugs, however be careful to keep it away from your pets.
  • Spray pesticide in areas where you can see the bugs, again being careful to keep the pesticide away from your pets and small children

Sometimes Hiring Professionals is Better

Sometimes it is just easier to hire professionals to spray safe pesticides around your home. Always verify that the pesticide is safe for humans and pets, especially if you have small children who might be crawling on the floor etc.

Note that even though you are hiring professionals to spray, your success at dealing with an infestation will be more successful if you apply most of the guidelines mentioned above. The trick is to keep your home super clean and keep all potential sources of food sealed and water from faucets dry.

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