How To Get Rid Of Gnats: Be Free From These Stubborn Little Insects Fast!

Are you looking for practical ways on how to get rid of gnats? This article aims to give you some useful hints in getting rid of gnats.

You want your house to be as safe and free as possible. You will try everything just to make sure that no insect or pest will stay inside your house because it will definitely ruin the beauty of your home. Speaking of insect, what type of insect are you familiar aside from cockroaches? How about gnats? What is that insect and how to get rid of gnats?

What do gnats look like?

What is a gnat by the way? Gnats belongs to insect order called Diptera. They are normally small and long-legged insects but considered as weak fliers. Expect gnats to be around on watery places like rivers and streams. Just like any other type of insects, watery places are their perfect grounds for breeding. They are a very small member of the fly clan and can be biting or non-biting insect.

Furthermore, fungus gnat is the common species of gnat to invade a home. They have a thin body, long antenna and long legs. They are grayish-black color with smoky colored wings.

Why gnats become a problem?

Generally, gnats enter into a home while searching for a source of food. They are enticed on light and have the ability to enter on small openings in screens around windows and doors. Gnats can reproduce rapidly and a small invasion within your home can result to a very large one. Moreover, insects cause a lot of trouble and major damage most likely like the spread and transfer of infectious diseases. Obviously, the question of how to get rid of gnats is should be considered quickly.

The best way on how to get rid of gnats

How to get rid of gnats should be considered quickly because gnats can be feed on food that is being kept in the kitchen or pantry areas. These pests can also damage house plants and introduce bad bacteria into your home. Everything you need on how to get rid of gnats already exists in your home and here are some of those:

Ammonia or baking soda. These two can be used to kill gnats in your drains. Simply pour a small amount of ammonia into your sink. This will successfully remove all traces of gnats. After doing this step, be sure to leave your sink for several hours before using it again. Ammonia is toxic on humans as well.

Apple cider vinegar or any other kind of vinegar. You can place a small amount of apple cider vinegar into an empty clean jar. This will become a gnat trap. This homemade trap is one of the easy solutions. After filling the jar of apple cider vinegar seal the lid and poke a small hole using a screw or nail. Put this trap in places of your house where they usually inhabit like kitchen or dining area.

Red wine and liquid soap. Gnats love the smell of wine. Get a small cup like a shot glass. Put the wine for about three quarters full. Add a drop of liquid soap and gently stir it. Leave it and soon enough you will see thousands of gnats being attracted to it. Pesky gnats will try to sit on the liquids surface but the liquid soap will break the wine’s surface tension resulting for gnats to fall straight down and eventually drown.

Petroleum oils. Pour petroleum oils in the discharged tubes of your sink.

Olive or vegetable oil. Pour this on your sink. Gnats will stick on the sink’s tubes and will die due to lack of food. This is recommended if you are planning to leave your house for a few days.

Obviously, solutions on how to get rid of gnats can be found inside your house. You don’t need to buy expensive chemicals that are harmful on your health and in the environment. Viola! Your house will be a home sweet home!

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