How To Get Rid Of Aphids: The Most Recommended Methods To Get Rid Of Aphids

No matter how beautiful your plant is if there’s a pesky insect on it, its beauty will surely vanish. It is normal for a plant or flower to have little bugs or insects but what’s not normal is that you let your plant be eaten by those little stubborn pests. To be particular, an aphid is one of those little bugs that have the ability to vanish a plants natural beauty. But the thing is how to get rid of aphids?

What do aphids look like?

Aphids are those little white bugs that you will see on the branches of your plant. Soft-bodied insect, tiny but can miraculously survive to any type of zone.

No matter how careful you are to your garden, aphids can still find a way into every garden. That’s how clever they are! Their bodies are pear-shaped with long antennae. Aphids can be seen on a wide selection of plants while others can be specific to certain plants.
Aphids multiply rapidly without you even noticing it because they are often unseen to the naked eye. The question of how to get rid of aphids should be considered doing right before their reproduction begins. An aphid that feeds on a flower or fruit can cause them to become deformed. The most damaging ability of aphids is to transmit viruses from one plant to another and also to attract other insect. This is how alarming aphids are so the question of how to get rid of aphids is indeed important to be answered.

How to get rid of aphids in easy steps

Being free from any pest shouldn’t be as complicated as it seems to be. Actually, the more complicated the steps the less chances of getting rid of them. Try to follow these easy steps to find an answer on how to get rid of aphids.

  • If your plants are being invaded by aphids, simply sprinkle your plants with flour.
  • You can make homemade garlic or tomato-leaf sprays.
  • Spray cold water on the leaves. Cold water can remove aphids.
  • A water solution with a few drops of dish-washing detergent, Ivory to be particular can be sprayed or wiped on the leaves of the plant.
  • If you don’t have time to make such homemade solution, you can use biological controls that are available on the market.
  • You can even spray insecticidal soap or horticultural oil.
  • Pamper and nurture aphids’ natural enemies to control them. Beneficial bugs like ladybugs and lacewings helps to control aphid population.
  • Never use any pesticides because it will only kill predatory insect and not aphids.
  • Get rid of ants because ants are their loyal protectors.
  • You can control ants by trimming the lower part of the plants so that ants can’t climb on the plant.
  • You can coat a sticky substance on the lower part of the stem to also prevent ants from climbing.

These were just some of those easy but effective steps on how to get rid of aphids without any damaging effects on your health and in the environment. Solutions can be found on your own home just be experimental and be keen to your surroundings.

Furthermore, prevention is much better than cure. Before an aphid hatch millions of eggs, do an appropriate method to kill them quickly.

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