How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Roses: Release Your Roses In The Most Effective And Healthy Way

Roses are the most famous kind of flower on earth. In terms of its stunning different colors, fresh scent and unique arrangement of petals, roses are the most favorite gift for special someone. But there was this kind of insect who sabotage its beautiful feature, aphids. But, what is an aphid and how to get rid of aphids on roses?

What is an Aphid?

For those who don’t know, aphids are the color white little insect that usually seen on roses. They like to visit different kinds of plants but rose bushes are their most chosen one. They visit yearly and when they attack, they are like troops of soldiers that can create a vast attack rapidly.

An aphid who often attacks roses are either called Rose aphid (macrosiphum rosae) or Potato Aphid (macrosiphum euphorbiae). These kinds of aphids also attack some other kind of plants as well. If you are a plant owner or a rose enthusiast, you will for sure would like to find out how to get rid of aphids on roses in the most safe but effective way.

Getting rid of aphids in just easy steps

rosebud with aphidsThere are lots of ways to get rid of stubborn insects or pests but most of the time owners use unhealthy and damaging chemicals. This is obviously not advisable. Believe it or not, simple but effective solution to kill aphids can be made without using any harmful chemicals.

Shake rose bushes at least once a day. This step is obviously the first thing that will come out to your mind. The ways on how to get rid of aphids on roses can be as simple as shaking healthy bushes of roses. But when you shake it make sure that you did it with taking an extra care. This will easily remove aphids from the plant. Actually, aphids don’t climb very well and they naturally die once they are removed from the plant host.

Regularly inspect rose plants throughout the growing season. If you want, you can just squeeze any aphids that you will find. Cut off affected leaves and then drop them in a container that has soapy water. Inspect the entire leaves thoroughly.

Trim out the affected part. Cut off the damage area of the plant using a clean and sharp scissors. Extremely pay attention to the stems in the center of the canopy to boost air movement.

Fertilize rose plants using slow-released nitrogen solutions. This will lessen the occurrence of extreme foliar nitrogen flushes, divesting aphids of nutrition and famished them out.

Create a dish detergent spray. This soap can solve your problem on how to get rid of aphids on roses that is totally cheap. Homemade sprays using liquid dish soap and not a detergent to be clear. Detergent has strong ingredients that will surely harm rose bushes compare to hand washing dishes that has mild components. Before using this homemade spray, spray a small amount first on a small area of a rose bush then observe if it doesn’t damage your plant. If no damage occurs then spray it to the entire rose bush.

These are just of the simple yet surely an effective way on how to get rid of aphids on roses. You don’t need to buy expensive and damaging pesticides to get rid of a stubborn insect. If you want to be free from any annoying things on your surroundings, just be creative and be experimental. Suddenly you will realize that your problem on how to get rid of aphids on roses is just an easy problem. Your rose as well as its bushes can be as healthy and stunning as you want them to be without you being too stressed-out in finding a solution.

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