Edible Insects: What is Your Favorite Bug?

Insects don’t usually come to mind as part of a normal’s person’s staple diet. In reality, there is an in infinite variety of insects that you can eat! It’s up to the imagination as to what can or cannot be eaten. From cockroaches, to ants, to crickets, or even larvae; there are endless possibilities of edible bugs out there. It depends really on how daring you are to snack on an exotic insect! Below are just a few of the most interesting and arguably most edible insects you can find.

Edible Ants

There are many different kinds of these little bugs that can be eaten, honey pot ants,lemon ants, and carpenter ants to name a few are all definitely edible.

Honeypot ants have big abdomens filled with a substance that is close to the texture and taste of honey. Other ants can be found to feed on this sort of living, breathing meal. They are found in Australia, where they are eaten raw by the native people (aboriginals).

Lemon ants taste exactly how they are described, and are found primarily in the Amazon jungle.
Leafcutter ants, also known as the big-butted ant, are eaten primarily in South America. They are found to taste like a mixture between a pistachio and bacon, and are even toasted sometimes!

Other Edible Insects

Crickets can be eaten in numerous different ways, from a nice sautee to roasted side dish. Crickets are one of the most common insects eaten, and are eaten around the world as well. Water bugs are a very popular dish in Thailand, and can be consumed in a variety of different ways. These toe-biter ants can be extracted as a sauce, and usually have an apple like scent. When steamed, the bug can even have a taste of banana, with the texture of a fish like substance.

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